What Does an Outdoor Kitchen Cost?

You already have an indoor kitchen – is the cost of adding an outdoor kitchen worth it?

Absolutely. If you enjoy grilling, eating and entertaining outside you will get more enjoyment and use from an outdoor kitchen than any other upgrade you can make to your home.

Is your “outdoor kitchen” just a grill on wheels, a card table and some worn out patio chairs?

old grill

If you enjoy cooking outdoors, and you’re still using that same old grill with that loose wheel – it’s time to take a look at what modern, functional outdoor kitchens have to offer!

Are Outdoor Kitchens Expensive?

They’re not cheap – but there are options for almost every budget.

Like an indoor kitchen, cost depends on how many cabinets and appliances you choose. If you want all the frills, outdoor kitchens can be quite pricey. But you can easily control the cost of your outdoor kitchen by including only the things you’ll actually use on a regular basis.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets with drawers and shelves… grills, refrigerators, wine coolers, ice makers, griddles, TVs, kegerators, even outdoor dishwashers – they’re all available.

BBQ throwdowns, celebrity chefs demonstrating their newest grilling techniques, and your next door neighbor showing off  his Big Green Egg … these things combine to generate enthusiasm for outdoor living. Builders have responded by adding outdoor kitchens to their model homes. They know that outdoor kitchens help sell homes.  Not just today’s “next big thing,” outdoor kitchens are here to stay!

Step 1 – Decide What Appliances You Want

Sometimes it’s hard not to add all the bells and whistles. A humongous grill is truly impressive, but unless you cook for the high school football team, it might not be a good fit for your available space – or your budget.

Humongous Grill

Humongous Grill

How about that kegerator your neighbor has? It sure has a WOW factor. But are you a beer drinker? How about your friends?

Closeup of beer tap

Incredibly Cool Kegerator

Step 2 – Shop Around

Prices for grills and other outdoor appliances vary widely. You’ll want to get the best deal available. Tip – Don’t buy a cheap built-in grill. It won’t be long before you’ll have to replace it. Unfortunately, your countertop will be cut to the size of the cheap grill, and that’s the size you’ll be stuck with. Forever. Buy a well made built-in grill, or opt for a grill on wheels.

Step 3 – Compare Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Outdoor kitchens are usually constructed from wood, stucco or stone over a frame, stainless steel or polymer. Sometimes different materials are combined. For instance, a stone facade can be added to polymer cabinets, or stainless steel drawers can be inserted into a stuccoed frame. Below are a few pros and cons for each. For more information, see our online Consumer Comparison Booklet.

 Wood Cabinets

wood outdoor kitchen

PRO – Cabinets widely available, can be stained to match your home.

CON – Unlike trees, wood cabinets are not meant to be outdoors. They will  warp and rot outside.

 Stucco and Stone Structures




Back Camera


PRO – Often most cost effective. Stucco can be painted to match your home. Stone offers an attractive appearance. and doesn’t need painting or staining.

CON – No storage access without adding doors, and often lacks a floor. Adding drawers and doors for access increases cost.

 Stainless Steel Cabinets


Stainless Steel

PRO – Cabinets available with shelves and drawers for storage. Sleek, modern look.

CON – Expensive. Stainless means stainless. Over time will rust, pit, stain and discolor. Requires regular maintenance.

 Polymer Outdoor Cabinets

Open drawers with stuff inside

Handy storage drawers


Polymer upper and lower cabinets with sink and beverage cooler.

PRO – Plenty of storage in drawers and on adjustable shelves. Waterproof, weatherproof, fade and stain resistant. Water won’t harm them. Color is solid throughout. Low maintenance. Many colors and door styles to choose from. Come with a lifetime waranty.

CON – Expensive, but built to last a lifetime. Cannot be painted or stained.


Is an outdoor kitchen worth it? Everyone who has one says YES! 

Check out your nearest Soleic® Outdoor Kitchen Store or Werevertm dealer and see what they have to offer!

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