Primo vs. Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is no longer the only kamado style cooker in town.  Although ceramic cookers have been around for several millennium, they haven’t become a popular grill until the past decade.  With the growth of the outdoor living market and the success of the Big Green Egg, a lot of manufacturers have come out with their own kamado style grill to compete with the Big Green Egg.

Primo vs. BGE and More...

Primo vs. BGE and More…

The market is now flooded with ceramic cookers.  Including the Big Green Egg, there is also Primo, Kamado Joe, Saffire, Vision, Komodo Kamado, Char-Griller, Bayou Classic, Kamado Kub, ProFire Bravo, Grill Dome, Sirio, and more.  So what’s the difference between them?

Most kamado style cookers are made from a type of ceramic, while a few are made from other materials such as metal or cast iron.  However, the way they cook is basically the same.  Some retain heat a little better than others, usually due to the type of ceramic or material, and some have additional features that others might be lacking. All in all, the kamados are basically all the same and should all last a really look time because there is nothing to rust or corrode … except the handles, hinges and bands that allow you to open and close the hood.  If those go bad and the hood drops, it most likely will break … its ceramic.  The Primo, however, does have a unique feature that isn’t available on any of the other kamado grills … it has a patented oval design option that gives the grilling surface a more user friendly space.  It is also somewhat shallower than the round design, which can be beneficial if it’s being installed in an outdoor kitchen.

No matter what brand of kamado you choose, it is likely to become your favorite grill!

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