An Outdoor Kitchen for People who Don’t Cook Outdoors

You can just hang out – no cooking required!

Pretty much everyone likes being outside, and a comfortable seating area with snacks and drinks at hand makes for a great place to sit and relax.

brick house, bar, barstools

Many outdoor kitchens contain only a sink and a refrigerator or beverage cooler – with a bi-level or extended countertop and some barstools for seating. This kitchen includes plenty of cabinets for storage.


Refrigerator, storage drawers and sink

 What if I change my mind and decide I want a grill?

No problem. You can easily add a roll-around grill. Place it in the spot that’s most convenient for you. If your outdoor kitchen is under roof, an added bonus is that you won’t need a vent for your grill … just roll it away from the overhang.

kitchen, bar, open shelves, baskets

Add a roll-around grill – no vent needed!

We entertain often and need convenient at-hand storage.

S/W Ver: 9C.13.37R

This bar has plenty of storage, plus great seating. The countertop doubles as an eating area and is also the perfect spot to lay out an elegant holiday buffet or “guy food” for the Super Bowl.

An outdoor kitchen adds a whole new room to your home. How will you use it?

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